In the early twentieth century, Italian immigrants came up through the Rhone valley in France. Along with them came their craftsmanship and their wood from the olive tree. Passing down from generation to generation, exquisite production is still alive and well in southern France today. 



Laurent Barbier, at the foot of the Vercors, once an area well known as home to many with this trade, is the last olive artisan in Royan-Vercors. 

In respect to the tradition, Laurent still offers pieces of that first collection his grandfather started in 1929. The collection has expanded now offering a wide range of hand crafted, individually unique utensils. Most recently with the help of a French designer and a little colour, it gave life to a brand new collection



Olive wood is known as the European premium wood for gourmet kitchenware.  Used for its robust, hygienic, oil content and unique wood grain qualities.   

All of these characteristics add up to a long lasting piece of natural art for any kitchen.

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