Marseille Soap Stain Remover
Marseille soap with essential oils of orange with earth of sommières

The soap removes all stubborn stains on all types of textiles: fats, fruits, wine, coffee, tea, lipstick, ink, grease, grass ...

Does not attack the fibers and colors.

Fits perfectly pretreatment of collars and cuffs of shirts, tablecloths, napkins, tea towels.
Ideal for delicate fabrics.

The land Sommières is a natural clay at Fort removes stains. It was discovered in the village of Sommieres near Montpellier.

Marseille Soap Stain Remover

  • Instructions :
    - Lightly moisten the soap and stain the fabric.
    - Carefully rub the stain.
    - Leave for ten minutes or up to 2 hours for stubborn stains.
    - Repeat the operation if necessary.
    - Rinse with clear water or rubbing to machine.

    Composition :
    - Soap extra pure 72%
    - Land Sommières
    - Essential oils of orange

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