Savon De Marseille

The Savon De Marseille (Marseille Soap) is a traditional soap made from vegetable oils that has been made in and around Marseille, France, for about 600 years. The first documented soap-maker in the area being recorded in about 1370.


By 1688, Louis XIV introduced regulations limiting the use of the name Savon De Marseille to soaps made specifically in the Marseille area, and only from olive oil. Today this law still applies, although the regulations now allow other vegetable oils to be used.


-The ‘La Savonnerie BleuJaune’ was founded in 2003 in Grans in the Alpilles region,  when a former soap worker met a passionate woman with a love of natural products, Bleujaune’s pieces are individual testaments to their commitment to quality. 

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