A Lavender wedding bouquet.

Bridal bouquets originated in Roman times and although we now have beautiful floral bouquets the original bridal bouquets were made of herbs, grains and spices leaving a very different bridal aroma. This was done to ward off evil spirits so the newlywed couple could move into their new life unhindered by the evil spirits, as time has moved on. The use of flowers in a bridal bouquet has become more traditional in Western weddings creating another way to express your love for your partner. In fact, this particular tradition didn’t emerge until the Victorian era when the use of flowers became popular. 

As you are planning your wedding it is important to take your floral arrangements, table decor, and bridal bouquets into account, not only is their color pallet important, the smell of the flowers should work together, complementing each other as the lucky couple should in their new life together.

Lavender flowers and the lavender scent are a popular choice for weddings whether in a bouquet or as decor for a variety of reasons, some because of the symbolic nature of lavender while other reasons are simply more practical, for example, if you are planning an outdoor wedding it is a good idea to include a lavender sachet or lavender bouquet in your table decor to prevent insects from joining your guests for a meal. On the other hand, lavender blooms are often seen as a symbol of good luck, something any newly married couple should have and many people believe lavender represents love and devotion making it a particularly perfect choice for a wedding bouquet. Lavender is also an especially fragrant bloom that provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere with its aromatic smell.

Whether your choice to have a bridal bouquet is because you believe as the Romans did, that negative energy needs to be chased away or because like Queen Victoria marrying Prince Albert in 1840 you want to express your intentions through your wedding bouquet (she carried a bouquet of snowdrops which are said to be Prince Albert's favorite flower) a lavender bouquet is choice anyone would enjoy.

A classic way of making your bouquet more personalized is by adding a tag to the bouquet or the wrapping the bouquet is in could also be a way of keeping your bouquet as a focal point of your wedding customizing the bouquet to your wedding theme.

Provence en couleur is a lavender boutique that carries a wide range of products including lavender bouquets that would suit any wedding style or theme. We can add tags to the bouquets if needed or use personalized wrapping to make your wedding bouquets stand out.

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