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La Diva

  • sweet and fresh scent, light notes of lemon, mint and a hint of camphor pine
  • expectorant, mucolytic, helps with bronchitis, flu, rhinitis, cold, sinusitis, bronchiolitis or cough
  • ideal for direct application and natural anti-inflammatory, relaxes muscles
  • calming, relieves stress and rebalances the nervous system

  • healing and antiseptic, relieves burns and treats skin conditions


Diva lavender is a variety of fine lavender that has a softer, less herbaceous scent than other varieties. Its linalool content is lower, which gives it a fresher and sweeter fragrance.

Like the other varieties of fine lavender, it allows to relax the muscles, to rebalance the nervous system, is healing, soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and is used as well in diffusion or in a bath as directly on the skin.

Fine lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is grown in the mountains of Haute Provence. The essential oil extracted from it is the rarest and noblest, used by the great perfumers for its subtle perfume and in aromatherapy for its numerous benefits.

Extraction method: Steam-distilled

10 ml

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